Week 2/3

Lamar Jackson!

Gamecocks 🙁

Chad Kelly Cocktails ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Camping World!

Everyone sucks and nobody is good.

Miami is going to Boone y’all and it turns out that people in South Florida love the mountains of NC & Tennessee. Probably won’t be the case after Saturday.

Week 1

We review the BEST OPENING WEEKEND IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY™, discuss standing in line for food, novelty oreos, but mostly we just bask in the glow of the South Carolina Gamecocks leading the SEC after week 1.*

*We also discuss how awful the SEC is.**

** Pawwwwl

Week 0?

We talk opening weekend! College Football in Sydney, Strength Coach DUI’s, predict way too many games and good cop/bad cop South Carolina’s chances this year.

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Sponsor: The Basement in Orlando, FL.**


**Not really

Les Miles South Carolina

Week 12

If your team still has a coach at this point in the season, we congratulate you. We also discuss SEC East relegation, Frank Beamer cocktails, rivalry games and the wonder that is the PYLON CAM™

The Gamecocks lost to The Citadel, which is basically the United States Marine Corp and shouldn’t count. Everything’s fine, we’re not worried at all.

Tressel Gamecock

Week 11

This week we discuss all the big losses in the Top 10, cocktails inspired by Stanford’s band, how likely it is for [REDACTED] to be the new coach at South Carolina and how you should maybe not wear all-white uniforms the week after a racial controversy.


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Stanford Dinosaur
Chicken Glass
The Basement – Orlando
New Belgium x Ben & Jerry’s
Seven Stills of SF