Week 14

Your boys discuss the Gamecocks, why Dabo is the worst, along with the rest of the college football landscape as we enter conference championship week.

Week 13

Aaron is back and his picks still suck. Miami sucks, Texas sucks, yet somehow Virginia Tech is good?

It’s rivalry week so please join us in throwing out the record books!

Week 12

This week features a special guest host and honestly I (Aaron) have no idea what they talked about! Let’s find out!

Week 11

This week we spend a lot of time talking about the eternal sadness that is the 2019 South Carolina Gamecocks. Aaron, yet again, was not able to pick a single game correctly. Also, LSU beat Bama.

Week 9

We cover a whole lot this week including, FSU throwing 3 passes on one play, #nunzionutrition, and why the Golden Gophers are the best team in football.

Week 8

We discuss SEC officiating, name a winner for our #securethebagofchips contest and we talk about food, which is probably why most of you listen.

Week 7


SC beat Georgia and not much else matters.

This week we’re also introducing a contest so you can #securethebagofchips for yourself. The winner will be chosen next week and receive some delicious Casa Sanchez tortilla chips.

Follow on Twitter @runthedraw, leave us a review on iTunes and then tag your friends in a tweet with the hashtag #securethebagofchips.

Week 6


We’ve #securedthebagofchips thanks to Casa Sanchez!

This week we’ve got extremely obscure wine jokes and more cool stadium lights updates.